Feather & Bone by Jenifer Altman

The second title from Fieryeyed Books,
Feather & Bone is a book of Polaroid images
captured at the University of Colorado
Museum of Natural History.  All books include
a limited edition 5x5 print from the book and
are wrapped in kraft paper and tied with twine
for gift-giving.

A Note from the Author:

"I spent two magical afternoons hand selecting
specimens for this project - there was
something spiritual about being in the presence
of such carefully cultivated history.  Opening
the drawers of the specimen cabinets to reveal
what hidden treasures - in form of feather &
bone lay within - inspired awe."
SITE DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY JENIFER ALTMAN                                                                                          ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2009-2011
Hardcover with Image Wrap: 68 pages
Publisher:  Fieryeyed Books (17 February 2011)
ISBN:  978-1-4507-6085-0
Language:  English
Product Dimensions: 7x7 inches
Price:  $55.00

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